Best of the Month!

Hi there, how are y’all doing?

I have finally left my “hiatus” to return with the blog’s most consistent post: my monthly favorites. To be real, I love this post. I feel that a 30-day spam gives me a great selection of songs that accompany a mood or a season or a phase. Anyway, I’m very happy to be making. Continue reading “Best of the Month!”


I’m alive + Announcements!

Hello beautiful ones!! I’ve missed you so much.

Since my post with the last part of the my favorites of 2017 (if you still didn’t check, please do) I kinda vanished completely from both the blog and the internet in general and I decided to give myself the well-deserved and wanted break. At the beginning of the month I went on vacation and I am there until the second week of February and I am happier than I can express.

With this new year, I’m taking advantage of this free time to enjoy my friends, my family, traveling, reading, sleeping and, wonderfully, doing NOTHING. Pure joy. But beyond the obvious, I’m also enjoying organizing. I am facing this year very seriously for my life in, well, almost every aspect of it, from mental health and career to hobby’s. I want to be able to enjoy everything with the least possible anxiety and for this happen, organizational changes are more than necessary.

Aiming at this, some of these changes will be incorporated here in the blog, being the main one consistency. I hate being inconsistent with this little corner of the webs that is my blog and that I really like but that, at the same time, I don’t want it to cause me stress as this is (end of the day) a hobby. So, being that way, I decided to set some goals, that is, something that I will seek to do and establish as motivation but not as obligation.

  • The first one is to post twice a week. I want to try to maintain this rhythm since I consider it good. A few weeks will not be possible, having only 1 or having more than 2. But that is my goal and I hope to achieve it!
  •  The second is to post more on everything I feel I should post without the pressure of being or not within the proposal of the blog. It will continue to focus on Asian Pop because I really love to talk about it but if I want to talk about other stuff, inside or outside this universe, I will and I hope you’ll like it too! (Actually, your response will also be decisive, which leads us to the third and last goal.)
  • The third is that I want to also be able to post according to what you guys want! I would love to make more posts based on what you would like me to give my comment on. So I plan to create ways to get the opinion of the blog visitors (who are growing yey!) and plan posts.

That’s all folks. I’ll be back full force next week with the first monthly favorites post of the year! Until then, take care and stay hydrated. 💖

Best Songs of 2017: Final


Our list of the best Asian Pop songs of 2017 comes to an end. This year was one that the songs that stayed the most in me were the ones that created emotions, not necessarily because of their innovation.

Despite some technical problems, I was finally able to post all the parts! Learning to organize myself better so that unforeseen events do not destroy anything is one of my goals for 2018 so I hope to be able to also materialize them here in the blog.

Hope you like it! Oh, making better intros is also one of the goals for 2018 so let’s hope for the best.

Happy 2018 to us all!!! ❤

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Best songs of 2017: Part 6

Hi guys!

I’m finally here with the last parts of the list (the last will be up by night) that have been suffering from many technical issues from my part such as broken computer and travel schemes. But now in the comfort of home with a sorry face I come to see you.

The songs displayed in this section were just as amazing and favorites for me as the next section ones that didn’t entered in higher spots for very, very small details. I’m excited to finally finalize it! Ok, let’s go into it:

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