Best K-pop songs of November

So, the month of November was overall one of the weakest of the year. For the majority of the month almost nothing too exciting came out, saving some by the end.

And since I’ve been super busy, I’ll try to do it as quick as possible. Let’s dive in!

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2018 MAMA: writing predictions while sipping on my tea.

Hey, how are you guys doing?

MAMA (or Mnet Asian Music Awards) is around the corner and tbh, I’ve never liked awards, specially k-pop ones. They are quite similar each and every year and the only things that I like to catch up on are the main category winners (song of the year, album of the year etc.) and the performances.

But this year I decided to try something different. Instead of skipping the show entirely, I thought maybe I should keep skipping it, but at least checking the final winner’s list to see if my predictions are right, so why not turn it into a post?

I feel like MAMA is the most popular award in K-pop, although from what I heard not the most “specialized critic” one (someone told me once it was Seoul Music Awards or Golden Disc? I’m not sure) but since I don’t really mind, let’s place our bets?

Oh, it may be relevant to remind y’all that I don’t know some of the people being nominated so it’ll be really a mix of first impressions. Also, I’ll try to give my unbiased opinion. (i.e. who I think it will win x who I would like to win)

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Best k-pop of the months! (June/July/August)

Hello guys!

Welcome back after a long pause (yet again lol) with my favorite post of the blog, the monthly favorites. I know we’re almost in September (can you believe it?!) but my organizing habits cannot let me skip a month so I condensed in one post all my favorite k-pop songs from the past three months.

Which brings me to this disclaimer: I only put k-pop on this list because I didn’t listen to much Japanese music recently and I don’t want a under representation on the post, so I prefer to display it in a separate post (which will probably also happen on the yearly favorites, separate posts). I think that’s it. So, without further ado, let’s go to the list.

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Ranking of LOONA’s pre-debut solos

Finally, the long awaited LOONA’S PRE-DEBUT SOLO RANKING IS HERE! OMG!

In all honesty, I didn’t think this day would ever come but after a long wait, the last member, Olivia Hye, was introduced with her solo “Egoist”. For those of you that for some reason don’t know what LOOΠΔ is all about, I’ll try to make a brief intro here.

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