Album Review: BLACKPINK – Square Up

Blackpink in your area! Hey guys, the YG girls are back and instead of commenting only on their comeback why not on the whole “first mini-album” (i’ll explain the quotation marks by the end of the post).

Let’s go.

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Ranking of LOONA’s pre-debut solos

Finally, the long awaited LOONA’S PRE-DEBUT SOLO RANKING IS HERE! OMG!

In all honesty, I didn’t think this day would ever come but after a long wait, the last member, Olivia Hye, was introduced with her solo “Egoist”. For those of you that for some reason don’t know what LOOΠΔ is all about, I’ll try to make a brief intro here.

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Yubin has a solo debut with the superb citypop of “Lady”

Today we had the solo debut of Yubin, the (former) Wonder Girls rapper. The time when I started this blog the group had already disbanded, so I said very little about them here but it is undoubtedly one of my favorites of all time, which should have been somewhat obvious by my statements in Sunmi’s comeback posts or in my displeasure in Yeeun’s ones, since I’ve always been very much of fan of them.

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Album Review: yyxy – beauty&thebeat

Finally here with the promised review of yyxy’s debut album “beauty&thebeat”. If you don’t follow this blog, then you need to know I’m a huge fan of LOOΠΔ. So, of course I was hyped for the last unit of the project but last week, I wasn’t very excited for their single. So, for a more detailed take and to see if the other songs from the album met my expectations, keep reading:

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yyxy is here! And maybe my hype was a little too big.

LOONA’s last sub-unit is finally here with us! The hype over the release was already big by the fandom but a few weeks ago, singer Grimes was announced as a featuring after a twitter moment and the hype for it only got bigger. So, instead of beating around the bush, let’s see if my hype was corresponded and LOONA delivered another favorite of mine:

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