Best songs of April

Hello again!

I feel like April really gave us great songs and strong candidates to be at the Best of the year list. We also had some songs that didn’t sound great at the first listening, but for some specific elements, ended up making their appearance here. I hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

ps.: the limit is 2 songs by artist.
ps. 2: b-sides are included.
ps. 3: these are my opinions! but feel free to interact and post yours on the comment section 🙂

Song: Tomboy
Artist: Hyukoh
Album: 23

2017 was the year I became a massive Hyukoh fan. I didn’t know their work until January when I first listened to the (masterpiece!!!!) collab EP “Lucky You” from Primary and their vocalist, Oh Hyuk (♡). In April, they released the full album “23” and the melancholic single Tomboy. The song is a downtempo indie rock with emotional vocals accompanied by the beautiful illustrated MV. “23” has some other great tracks, like Tokyo Inn, 2002wordcup, Jesus lived in a motel room and the cinematographic Wanli.

Song: Back:Hug
Artist: Snuper
Album: I Wanna?

Snuper is the epitome of the underrated kpop group that should get more recognition tale but on the boygroup department. Since their debut, the group is consistent and keep giving us bops like Back:Hug. The 80’s feel of the song is also a signature sound from Snuper and it’s shown here at their best, with powerful key changes and over the top vocal interpretations. Pure quality!

Song: Jam Jam
Artist: IU
Album: Palette

IU really made all the right choices with Jam Jam. The song is a uptempo city pop mixed with lounge music that makes as travel, get out of our bodies and enjoy this little hit in astral projections. I love everything about this song and even though I like Palette, Jam Jam is the obvious queen of the album.

Song: Good Night
Artist: Dreamcatcher
Album: Nightmare·Fall Asleep In The Mirror

After their good debut flirting with the *occult*, Dreamcatcher made a comeback with the equally dark-sided Good Night. The MV is connected with the first one and it shows a narrative where they keep tormenting the unknown man, which is a bad guy. Either way, the picturesque pop rock presented on their debut prevails and yet I feel this second single is even more put together than the previous one. Also, I love the eye-catching intro coreography.

Song: Pattern
Artist: Lee Haeri
Album: h

I’ve never heard of Lee Haeri before bumping into Pattern on some random part of the internet in April. Even though I have known Davici for years, I’ve never actually got that interested on any previous releases from the duo, so yeah, I had no idea who she was. Pattern is a great dramatic mid-tempo that uses very well Lee Haeri’s tone to achieve the perfect balance between drama and sophistication. Definitely one the highlights of this month.

Song: 몽중몽; Dream In a Dream
Artist: Ten
Album: 몽중몽; Dream In a Dream – Single

Ten released the very interesting SM Station in April, Dream In a Dream. The song actually doesn’t have much appeal to me in the singing parts, but the classical-folk instrumentals allied to the stunning MV visuals and choreography def compensates. Ten delivers a surprising dream-pop that showcases how talented and artistic he can be.

Song: Everyday I Love You (Feat. HaSeul)
Artist: LOOΠΔ
Album: ViVi

The april girl, ViVi, was already revealed in the previous release from the LOONAVERSE, the sub-unit LOOΠΔ 1/3 with “Love&Live”. Now she’s back with the sweetune Everyday I Love You. The whole track and MV sounds like a ode to 90’s kpop (the MV is really on point on that), very fun to watch and listen. LOOΠΔ 1/3 also released a beautiful MV for the orchestral Sonatime. At this point, I notice that nothing that comes from their pre-debuts is gratuitous. You are entitled to don’t like all songs from the project (like me), but you have to admit that, is it on the production, on the references or in the visuals, there’s ~intention~ on what they do and that’s something I’m looking forward.

Song: Cross Country
Artist: HA:TFELT, Suran, Bohyung
Album: Cross Country OST Part 4

After Yeeun’s march OST, the whole crew of singers from the reality made their appearence on the list with the self-titled Cross Crountry. To be honest, I didn’t find the song nothing special, I even like Yeeun’s solo better. BUT. These three voices are three of the best/most unique voices between the current soloists on the current kpop scenario and even if I didn’t love the song, I loved their voices so much that they needed to make their mark on here.

Song: Candy
Artist: Jia
Album: Candy – Single

Were there probably better or more innovative songs to be put on this list? Probably yes. But honestly? Candy is catchy af. I mean, what can I do? The song is very generic, I know. But the progression, the constant key changes, the changing break after the chorus, in other words, the complete mess that the music is what it makes it get stuck in your head. And, unlike most opinions, I loved the MV.

Song: Boy
Artist: EXID
Album: Eclipse

For the first comeback with four members, while Solji was treating her thyroid condition (💔), EXID came with a mini album “Eclipse” and the single “Night Rather Than Day“. While I find the track a delicious jazzy jam, a very different light to EXID already solid sonority, what holds the true highlight of this comeback is the side track Boy. The track has a progressive instrumental, that adds elements here and there. The bass line, very present, and the sophisticated vocals (Hyerin high note!) makes Boy a great victory to the group’s already very good catalog.




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