Best songs of June

Hi guys, how you’re doing? So, in the month of June we had two veterans making remarkable comebacks, rookies wowing me and Japanese electronic music once again proving their high quality releases in 2017. I hope you guys enjoy it! :))

ps.: the limit is 2 songs by artist.
ps. 2: b-sides are included.
ps. 3: these are my opinions! but feel free to interact and post yours on the comment section 🙂

Song: As If It’s Your Last
Artist: Blackpink
Album: As If It’s Your Last – Single

As If It’s Your Last is the 4th single from YG’s girl group BLACKPINK. To start, I must say that I’m pretty satisfied with this fun single and although I still like “Whistle” and “PWF” a little bit better, AIIYL is the one that has more personality and turns BLACKPINK in a more distinct group. The chorus is so good, Lisa’s rap is always a nice moment on the songs (she has a lot of charisma) and I think Jennie’s voice really suits electronic backtracks.

Song: Camo
Artist: BoA
Album: Camo – Single

To a high standard throwback, we have the queen BoA with the mechanical banger, Camo. BoA being BoA, giving us her signature dancepop that no one in kpop does like she does. A classic that feels like a breath of fresh air. The MV is stunning, the choreo is great and BoA stays being a goddess.

Song: Babyface
Artist: WJSN
Album: Happy Moment

After releasing not very exciting singles since the iconic “Secret”, including this album’s one, WJSN goes back to make a appearance on my personal playlist with the side-track Babyface. With silly lyrics, the group emulates sounds like Crayon Pop or Orange Caramel (come baaaack!!) and I miss this kinda of ridiculous groovy songs with not much sense but great final result on the kpop girl group scene.

Song: Singing in the Rain
Artist: LOOΠΔ
Album: JinSoul

LOOΠΔ once again taking a spot on my monthly list with just pre-debuts. Symptomatic of what is coming ahead? I hope so. June girl is the beautiful Jinsoul that brought us the beats of Singing In The Rain. The song is fast paced and a little bit confusing until the evocative chorus, that has a over-saturated dub-step drop in 2017!!!1 but still manages to work for me somehow. The MV is gorgeous btw.

Song: Labirynth feat. Hikari Mitsushima
Album: Reborn Again and Always Starting New

MONDO GROSSO finally came back with a delicious full album collaborating with various artists in June. Also this month he came with the atmospheric Labyrinth. The beautiful MV with Hikari dancing around the small market, the empty streets and city-blues scenarios makes the MV only adds up to this cosmic track. Surrounding.

Song: Love Don’t Hurt feat. Amber
Artist: Shannon
Album: Love Don’t Hurt – Single

Shannon released the sentimental R&B Love Don’t Hurt. Shannon has a very good voice, I just don’t feel that star quality from her but i’ll put that on MBK’s back. This song reminds me of those ‘crying-while-staring-at-the-window’ female releases from Mariah and company in the 2000’s and it’s always a pleasure listen to ❤ Amber’s ❤ voice.

Song: Remember
Artist: Nine Muses
Album: Muses Diary Part 2: Identity

With a very empty formation, the muses came back with the dramatic Remember. A dance-pop with a slow intro that starts adding elements until the ‘explosion’ of the chorus. I really liked when it was released and still do but I just really miss a fuller Nine Muses. I’m not even talking about missing previous formations, I swear i’d be content with just adding members and making 9muses a maxi group again along with the veterans. Either way, this is another good track for their already strong discography.

Song: Sun & Moon
Artist: NCT 127
Album: NCT #127 Cherry Bomb

With their worst single so far but also the best choreography, NCT 127 made another comeback and the real jam is on their mini “Cherry Bomb”, Sun & Moon. The song is a delicious future-bass with a nice progression and nice harmonization of the vocals, which I think is a strong point of the vocal unit since “Without You“. A nice sensual ballad overall.

Song: Seoul (feat. Killogramz)
Artist: Lee Hyori
Album: Black

After almost 4 years without releasing new music, the Kpop giant Lee Hyori comes back with the introspective Seoul. The track is actually a pre-release to her single + album, both released in June. With beautiful and delicate shots, the singer is portrayed in the concrete and large Seoul in contrast to the sunny and vast Jeju Island, where she has been living for the last couple of years. The song talks about the love/hate relationship she has with the city she spent almost her whole life but that right now she doesn’t call home anymore.

Song: Bad Things
Artist: Faky
Album: Unwrapped

I didn’t know Faky until this year and their previous release “Surrender” was already nice but Bad Things is here to show to me what they came for. I loved this dirty house banger with the catchy “feel feel feeeel soo goooood” that gets stuck in your head for days.







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