Best songs of August

Hi again folks! And Finally! The last monthly favorites list made with delay series is over and now I can have a peaceful and non-late for the party life of a extremely unknown blogger. I hope you babes enjoy it. :)))

ps.: the limit is 2 songs by artist.
ps. 2: b-sides are included.
ps. 3: these are my opinions! but feel free to interact and post yours on the comment section 🙂

Song: BABE
Artist: Hyuna
Album: Following

Hyuna came back with the refreshing BABE. The song has references of disco, 90’s house and futurebass and it’s different from the rest of her singles while it still looks a lot like Hyuna. It’s so fun and delicious to listen to. I rather see her experiment these many styles as to attain to just one, I feel like it fits her better to diversify her pop sound.

Song: Where Are You?
Artist: CLC
Album: FREE’SM

ClC made a return after their buzzed January release “Hobgoblin”. But, in a turn of events, their concept change occurrence actually took another turn, bringing us the city-pop Where Are You?. The 80’s feel of the song is really nice,  I like this more mature sound to music usually directed to white aegyo. But even though I actually really liked this, the complete inconsistency in terms of concept, songs and image that bothered me before is bothering me again. Cube is bothering me and there’s no news in here.

Song: Sorry
Artist: The Rose
Album: Sorry – Single

The band The Rose debuted with the ballad Sorry. While I have been following Day6 since their release in January, nothing that came after, with the exception of “What can I say” haven’t caught my attention like the mentioned ones. So when I listened to Sorry, my gap of good emotional and overly angst music with guitars coming from a band this year were filled up. This song is really pretty.

Song: Friday Night
Artist: Sonamoo
Album: Happy Box Part 1

After a long time without releasing something I bothered much to like, Sonamoo came back very strong with the infectious Friday Night. This is such a good song from beginning to end! Very 80’s, very fun and a little bit more mature, it reminded me of the supreme bangers from Afterschool or Nine Muses. Now I can only dream and pray for their agency to stop picking random concepts and start giving them good songs like this regularly. *insert praying hand emoji here*

Song: Last Carnival
Artist: Juniel
Album: Last Carnival (Single)

Juniel came back with the interesting Last Carnival. The sonority is very similar to the 87289 releases Heize, Suran and other peers of Juniel had done this year. But what brings my attention specially to this one is how Juniel was able to do a melancholic track that exposes the pains of a abusive relationship in a simple but nice MV.

Song: Sixteen (feat. Changmo)
Artist: Samuel
Album: Sixteen

Here we have Samuel releasing something Justin Bieber would release in his early days and I would find super generic and whatever. But since is not JB (yikes) and this is kpop we’re talking, I ended up liking it. Specially for the fact that this whole concept is age appropriate, something kpop often fails miserably to do. It’s youthful, fun and so suitable for Samuel’s ability and style that accomplishing all the right choices made this song be here.

Song: We Are Pristin (Intro)
Artist: Pristin
Album: Schxxl Out

OMG! We Are Pristin reminds me of Afterschool fun intros that I love so much. The torch has been officially passed and my hopes renewed. Also, I still haven’t decided if I like “We Like” or not, so I leave that task up to you guys.

Song: All Night
Artist: SNSD
Album: Holiday Night

The veterans and icons of the genre, SNSD, came back for a 10 year celebration for the fans with a double-single: Holiday and All Night. While I did not like the first one, All Night is a delicious and fun way to make this moment remarkable. I think everything about this is very suitable for the soshis, from the song to the MV to the concept. They look as beautiful, youthful and vivid as ever and that was a amazing surprise for me. Their full also has the great Sweet Talk.

Song: Gashina
Artist: Sunmi
Album: Gashina – Single

Sunmi finally made her comeback and the insecurities I exposed on a pass monthly favorite talking about Yeeun’s OST were dissolved. Gashina itself may not have anything spectacular or even innovative, but it was enough to bring Sunmi’s bubbly, fun and sexy personality that turns her one of those accessible idols I love to the spotlight. Her single stayed at the top of digital charts for weeks, the public felt for her charms once again, she won multiple music show trophies and the overall reception was good. A great re-start.

Song: Freeze!
Artist: Momoland
Album: Freeze!

I still don’t know much about Momoland formation, but I know it was on a reality show in the molds of Produce 101 and that they had a super cute debut, a weak comeback and now the sweet Freeze. The circus instrumental makes the track so fun and dynamic, matching with the thematic MV. It’s bubbly candy sweet.



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