Best songs of July

Hi people! So, I’m almost done with the delayed monthly lists for the blog and the month of July was also a strong one. Hope you guys enjoy it! ✿

ps.: the limit is 2 songs by artist.
ps. 2: b-sides are included.
ps. 3: these are my opinions! but feel free to interact and post yours on the comment section 🙂

Song: Red Flavour
Artist: Red Velvet
Album: The Red Summer

I am a Red Velvet fan since they released the incredible “Dumb Dumb” and, even though I kept being a huge fan, none of their singles got close to the impact of Dumb Dumb on me (i’m a b-side and discography type of fan if you still didn’t get it). But with the magnetic Red Flavor, Red Velvet once again accomplished the greatness. The song incorporates summer, growth, fun and their signature, replay factor, like no other. Their mini is really good also. You better know and my favorite, Mojito are a must listen.

Song: Black
Artist: Lee Hyori
Album: Black

With her official comeback Black, Lee Hyori reappeared on music programs, variety and music scene in general. Black is not as interesting as “Seoul” for me but has yet a different vibe than anything else released this year on kpop, going for a more american country take. I like the arid and dry look, putting the beauty on equally beautiful and isolated landscapes. Really excited to see more from her.

Song: Going Crazy
Artist: Exo
Album: The War

Exo released a pleasant album with “The War”, and Going Crazy is definitely a highlight. The song really incorporates what is for me EXO’s sound, a dramatic r&b-infused-pop that showcases their strong vocal team (specially Chen’s). It’s the best song of their album imo.

Song: Fly High
Artist: Dreamcatcher
Album: Prequel

Our creepy girls are back but a little less creepy this time with my favorite single from them so far, Fly High. The track follows a similar structure from their previous releases, with the anime OP backtrack, guitars here and there and the #DRAMA. But this one is even more interesting than the previous ones because it shows a more diverse sonority. It’s the Dreamcatcher’s take on a summer song.

Song: My Love
Artist: T-ARA
Album: Hit The Top OST Part 8

This month we officially started saying our goodbyes to T-ARA with hopes of their possible contracts in China happening. They came back with the good “What’s My Name” and it would be here if I hadn’t listened to this hidden OST. My Love comes in the most cliche way. It’s nostalgic, dramatic, retro, radio material and so good like a classical T-ARA song would have to be right? It’s bittersweet.

Song: Love Cherry Motion
Artist: LOOΠΔ
Album: Choerry

LOOΠΔ is back presenting the July girl, Choerry, and her summer release, Love Cherry Motion. In the MV, the girl is shown permeating between two worlds: her teen self, being playful and cheerful with her peers and the other, a more dark and “mature” side. Like a transition maybe? Idk. The song follows that, becoming more obvious about the change between LOOΠΔ’s until now more cute concepts to a more girl crush one that will now take place in the project. Usually I’m not a fan of these divergent breaks on kpop songs, but this one makes sense conceptually and I ended up thinking it goes off.

Song: Dinosaur
Artist: AKMU
Album: Summer Episode

The siblings of AKMU are back with something quite different from their usual sound. The duo usually goes for quirky styles that really work with me, since both can take that to any level because of their talent. But the tropical house Dinosaur doesn’t disappoint. Even with the extra-super-overused genre of the year (!) of kpop, they manage to, again, bring their on flavor to it, with their interesting vocals and sweetness through the MV.

Song: Artist
Artist: Zico
Album: Television

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of rap on k-music since I find most of it not very authentic (with few exceptions of course), and i’m definitely not a fan of Zico. But I need to confess that I really liked Artist as well as some of his most recent releases. The song has a very enjoyable instrumental, it’s fun and a easy-listening. The MV is also fun to watch, less of a try-hard and more of a unpretentious track.

Song: Sleep-Walking
Artist: Dreamcatcher
Album: Prequel

I loved Dreamcatcher’s mini album “Prequel”. “Fly High” was a strong single, but I find two songs from their album to be my favorites, specially Sleep-Walking. What i liked the most about the album was how we got a glimpse of what possible sonorities Dreamcatcher might release in a near future. Sleep-walking is a electronic song that incorporates the dark vibe of the group but brings it to another place rather than the pop rock one. I love it. Also, “Wake Up” is another track that brings a new dimension of their concept, not outing of the pop rock but reinforcing it, making it more band-esque. Also love it.

Song: Forevermore
Artist: Utada Hikaru
Album: Forevermore – Single

Queen Utada came back with the ethereal Forevermore. I love the touch she gives to the songs, how she elevates putting out ballads to another level. The beautiful instrumental featuring the renowned drummer Chris Dave and simplistically gorgeous MV of her doing a contemporary dance routine are elements that only add up to her unique vocal interpretation.


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