Best songs of September

Hello folks!

This month was definitely more slow, having only few memorable releases. Even some on this list are about regular to good and maybe it wouldn’t be on this list on some other months but not having that many songs coming out that reeeally caught my attention, they made the cut. Hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

ps.: the limit is 2 songs by artist.
ps. 2: b-sides are included.
ps. 3: these are my opinions! but feel free to interact and post yours on the comment section 🙂

Song: Some
Artist: Bolbbalgan4
Album: Red Diary Page.1

To start the list, we have the soft indie-pop from Bolbbalgan4 with Some. The duo’s quirkiness make the MV very sweet to watch and, even though this style is so widely used on k-indie music, I feel like the voice of the vocalist Ahn Ji Young really brings something unique and special to them.

Song: Girl Front
Artist: Odd Eye Circle
Album: Mix & Match

The girls from LOOΠΔ are back this month with their second sub-unit Odd Eye Circle, consisting of Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry aka the holy trinity. Girl Front is a bubble-gum pop that sticks in your head all day. It was released in the last day of summer but it’s the perfect jam for sunny days. The trio looks so stunning and energetic in the MV, that is full of clues and hints about the LOONAVERSE and the next releases (like Hyunjin popping in the screen and their personal animals marked on the map). As usual, I’m excited.

Song: I Need Somebody
Artist: Day6
Album: Every DAY6 October

After a long hiatus of appearing in my monthly list, Day6 makes a comeback here with the side-track I Need Somebody. The track is a emotional slow pop rock that gains more elements and strength throughout the song. The lyrics are about loneliness and their vocal interpretations around the unanswered questions that pop along the track are very beautiful. This is actually October’s release, that they released this month due to Chuseok. I missed their presence here but it’s not my fault that they’re releasing a series of uninteresting singles that absolutely does not match Day6’s incredible potential, talent and previous discography. Also, the guitars made their comeback as well.

Song: Instant Love
Artist: Junho
Album: Canvas

In September, Junho from 2PM released a EP and a bunch of MV’s. My favorite track from the bunch was Instant Love. A city-pop that is very nice, has some replay factor to it and it’s nostalgic. I like the vibe of MV displaying Twice’s Sana in foggy scenarios.

Song: Pow Pow
Artist: Elris
Album: Color crush

Elris brings the retro rock, fun and irreverence with their single Pow Pow. ‘Love love love love is volcaaaaaano!’. The track is so colorful, not only visually but when you’re listening to it and your head can’t control to bob together. Such a sweet release! Love it.

Song: Last Night Story
Artist: IU
Album: A Flower Bookmark II

IU released (her second) EP full of remakes from south korean music classics and in the first few chords of Last Night Story I immediately associated with the epic cover I saw on Reply 1988 last year without actually knowing the name of the song and the song gained a whole other meaning. If me, that wasn’t in Korea in the 80’s or didn’t grew up there could make that connection with the past by only seeing a TV Series, I realized how fun this was. And the MV! So good.

Song: Summer Rain
Artist: Gfriend
Album: Rainbow

Gfriend is already here again with their repackage album “Rainbow” only a month after “Parallel”. “Love Whisper” didn’t excite me much, so for me, Summer Rain was a little bit stronger. I, as a fan, ended up listening to LW in loop anyways, getting in parts of my brain that can’t seem to get out just as SR ended up doing the same. With that being said, I didn’t find neither of them memorable, strong or near as good as their great catalog of singles. You better step up Source!

Song: Take My Hand
Artist: April
Album: Eternity

Finally a good single from April. DSP seems so confused on what to do with the group. A company that had Kara NEEDS to know how to make catchy songs for girl groups! I’m…Well, enough being bitter. Take My Hand was a decent concept, a decent aegyo and a decent song to April.

Song: Sea
Artist: BTS
Album: Love Yourself: Her

In september, BTS’s 5th mini album came out with the EDM single “DNA“. In all honesty, the single didn’t caught my attention and the album is one of the weakest they released when I look in retrospect. “Outro: Her” and “Pied piper” really pleased me though, but the track that really got it’s spot here and in playlist in this whole comeback was the hidden one, Sea. I got frustrated for why they didn’t include this in the official track-list and consequently on Spotify etc. But after listening a couple of times, the appeal of it actually being the hidden jam of the album made much more sense.

Song: Loonatic
Artist: Odd Eye Circle
Album: Mix & Match

“Mix & Match” ended up being a pretty good mini album. “Chaotic” is a futurebass jam, “Starlight” a nice R&B and the intro “Odd” is a simple but interesting one. But Loonatic really takes the crown. A spy-esque track that it’s like 00’s teen alt-pop rock meets dream pop meets kpop and I.LOVE.IT.



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