Twice made their Japanese debut with the fun “One More Time”

So, Twice is back but this time with their Japanese debut. They released a ‘best of’ on Japan in June with their previous singles, but this is their first original song in Japanese language. Let’s see how that goes!

This is fun! As I already stated in a previous post, I’m a fan of (almost) all Twice singles. Even though I find most of it to be very ‘in the middle’, the replay factor of their bubblegum releases really work for me. One More Time follows their previous formula but a little more fast paced and electronic than the rest.

Their voices are very mono-tom on this one, giving me the feel of being sang by a choir the whole time, having few highlights like Chaeyoung’s more quality lines. The MV is what makes this track a more memorable one, since their charisma as a group is definitely their strong point and it shows on the MV (except for poor Jeongyeon, being put so stiff and strange saying 2 catch lines only??? Idk 😦 )

Their MV’s always explore how they are a maxi group to create many personal moments on the videos and that’s fun to watch and the best use of the many faces ‘charms’.

cr @jersucks


One More Time it’s charming like most of their singles and even though is not their best release this year, still manages to do the job. JYP finally gave their Japanese debut (mandatory move for nation’s groups) after already making their appearance on Japanese charts with only a “best of” album consisting of Japanese versions of their singles. A good move. Now we’ll have to wait and see how their path on Nippon lands will be traced.

See ya!


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