Best songs of 2013: Part 1 – 60-51

Hello folks :))

I know it’s been the longest time since I posted something on my small blog, but just as I explained in my last post, I was really RLLY busy this month, so forgive me people. But without extending this much, let’s get in with my first ~vintage~ “Best of the year list”!

If y’all haven’t realized yet, I’m a huge fan of lists. From that, I decided that I wanted to relive the years before the beginning of this blog with my favorite songs, why not? The year of 2013 was the year I started listening to pop music out of the western box. The year I get to know k-pop and a lot of the artists I listen ’till today. For that reason, I thought it would be the perfect year for me to start my nostalgic best of.

Now, critically speaking, 2013 was one of the weakest from this last years for k-pop. It had great releases with huge impact on kpop in general like ‘Pink Tape’ but also had great names throwing extremely medium things like 2ne1. That said, I hope y’all like my opinion of these releases from four years ago and, if you can, put what you think in the comments bellow, your favorites and your bets for the next parts would be awesome.

Let’s go!

60. Blady –  Blood Type B Girl

Album: Blood Type B Girl – Single

Opening the list, we have a group I honestly never heard about before reviewing some songs from 2013 and finding Blood Type B Girl. According to Wikipedia, they are still active but the entire line-up changed since this release and the last thing they drop as a group was this song in 2015. But moving on from this quick, and kinda random, background story, Blood Type B Girl is a bop and deserves a spot on here. The track is a average electro-pop but that does a good job on keeping the transitions and the uptempo exciting. The pre-chorus is the bonus.

– • –

59. Shinhwa – This Love

COVER PNGAlbum: The Classic

Next, we have the veterans from Shinhwa coming with the interesting This Love. With elements like voguing, dated club music and EDM, they stayed aside from the overused-bad-boy concept and yet didn’t went to the classy-sumptuous-super-serious concept either, exploring a interesting, dancing and sexy concept I think it worked amazingly (and it worked even better with another group on this year.) The choreography is memorable as well as their vocal interpretations. Show the newbies how it’s done, Shinhwa.

 – • –

58. Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

Album: Black Box

Tbh, Kill Bill is not among my top favorite singles from BEG but it IS among the songs on this very list cause 1. It’s a refreshing concept on k-pop as most of their releases, and I love that, 2. The MV and song production are neat and I’d looove to see more intense interpretations from groups more often like BEG pulled up here and 3., It’s BEG. I mean, their discography is impeccable and putting them on a list is always a pleasure. The song is good and definitely one of the highlights of 2013.

 – • –

 57. Tahiti – Love Sick

Album: Fall Into Temptation

Everytime I listen to Love Sick, I’m reminded of Aly & AJ’s “Potencial Break-Up Song“, and I think that’s a good thing. The track has the same fierce dynamic but has a much more low pace rhythm that makes the song a sumptuous and provocative moment that stayed in my playlist for the longest time.

– • –

56. SNSD – I Got A Boy

Album: I Got A Boy

I feel like some people will be surprised by the low ranking of this song on this list and other will question why this song is here at all. I Got A Boy is a hit or miss in most of the cases, even among Sones, but that’s not my case. I find it a good uptempo pop with a messy but very entertaining instrumental. That’s it. It’s fun!

 – • –

55. MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

Album: Sexy Beat

Smoky Girl it’s definitely one of my favorite boygroup releases from 2013. The song sounds edgy and dated at the same time (a common sensation for me on kpop.) The groovy instrumental mashing with the minimalist elements made of Smoky Girl such a good moment for the group and the pre-chorus is pure greatness.

 – • –

54. Nine Muses – Dolls

Album: Dolls

As I previously stated on my best songs by Nine Muses listDolls embodies the classy sound Nine Muses has pulled up on their songs since the beginning. The mix of big band, jazz and colorful vocal interpretations and MV are a delicious jam to immerse on.


– • –

52. Flower – Taiyou To Himawari

Album: Taiyou To Himawari – Single

Back in 2013 Taiyou To Himawari was one of my first contacts with J-pop and the E-girls were one of the first groups that at least made me understand how the ‘sub-unit of gigantic group’ works. Flower tends to release very similar in formula concepts and I like it. In TTH, they explore a energetic and interpretative choreography while dramatically delivering the dance-ballad with a efficient break and the contrast really works here.

  – • –

52. IU – Modern Times

Album: Modern Times

In 2013, IU brought us a top-of-the-notch album heavily influenced by Big Band and Jazz that delivered some great songs. One of them is the homonym track Modern Times. The song it’s a feel-good jazz that uses simple elements but that captures the essence of the album in the most simple and efficient way possible.

 – • –

51. SNSD – Express 999

Album: I Got A Boy

Express 999 is my favorite song from the album and one of my favorite b-sides from Girl’s Generation. The track is a mid-tempo, that transitions to a uptempo disco and then returns to the same structure but with more electronic elements. The change of rhythm that comes with the chorus is too good.

– • –





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