“Sweet Crazy Love” proves that Odd Eye Circle are the new queens of smooth k-pop.

Odd Eye Circle, the second sub-unit from LOOΠΔ, is already back after the energetic “Girl Front” with Sweet Crazy Love and a repackage album “Max & Match”. If you follow my posts on this very blog, you must know I’m a growing fan of LOOΠΔ. They still haven’t debuted but managed to keep a good track of good and exciting releases that is making fans across the world little by little (heavy promotion really is the way.)

Let’s see how this comeback went?

Sweet Crazy Love is a tuneful R&B-infused track that showcases the melodious and smooth vocals from the trio, giving us more glimpses of LOONA’s versatility and ODD EYE CIRCLE predominance of smooth R&B tracks. The song starts upbeat and goes to a very nice pre-chorus that leads us to a fresh one. The stability of their harmonies is what makes this song more full bodied and interesting.

gif credits: baechus


From all the singles produced by the unit along with their solos, Sweet Crazy Love stands right in the middle for me. More than bringing something new, I feel like it works as a statement of what their identity sound as a unity is in this stage of the project: more sophisticated than the other releases prior to the trio but still fresh.

gif credits: baechus


In the MV is shown the girls crossing each other’s paths in the way of their respective scenarios. That is, it precedes “Eclipse”, “Singing In The Rain” and “Love Cherry Motion” on the narrative. As usual, the takes are very minimalist but beautiful, giving each of them a space to shine rotating between B/W and color pop scenes. About the theories, I don’t know anything about it lol but I love reading it and I’m here for the trademark enigmatic noir takes from the unit.

gif credits: taegnsic


Sweet Crazy Love really feels like it’s name, a sweet adventure through the melodic voices from the trio with a touch of something unique and exciting. The track is a well-executed piece to make us even more immerse on the vast universe LOONAVERSE is turning out to be.


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