Best songs of 2013: Part 2 – 50-41

We’re back with the second part of 2013’s top songs and for this section we have the presence of more known names and songs that were hits in that year.

Before I start stalling, let’s get into it. 🙂

50. EXO – Growl

Album: XOXO

2013 was the year when EXO really exploded with the R&B of Growl. The song is a well-crafted groovy tune that delivered a great concept for the group. The MV shot in one take, the non-stop complex choreography, pretty vocal performances and a catchy chorus made Growl one of EXO’s best and most successful singles until this day.

– • –

49. Shinee – Everybody

Album: Everybody

Even though I was already completely (!) over Dubstep in 2013 (without knowing what waited for me in 2014 >______> ), Everybody is a successful attempt of the genre in a conceptual way: robotic, upbeat and mechanical. Very good.


– • –

48. Rainbow – Kiss Me

Album: Rainbow Syndrome Part. 2

Kiss Me is a hidden gem. Everytime I listen to this song, I start to feel excited and motivated for no reason. I mean, it’s feel-good from beginning to end with the guitar riffs, candy vocals and a infallible replay factor. I feel like i’m on a teen movie from the 00’s and I love it. Who doesn’t.

– • –

47. T-ARA N4 – Jeon Won Diary

Album: Jeon Won Diary 

This choreography lol! I love how they don’t take themselves serious and that’s what makes this track so much more likable. Jeon Won Diary is a guilty pleasure because the production is too ‘mainstream in 2013’ in the worst sense, filled up with dozens of overused styles and elements but it’s so exciting to see them singing this rubbish that in the end you end up liking not only for the fun but because it’s good and catchy.

– • –

46. Ladies’ Code – Bad Girl

Album: Code#01 Bad Girl

What a great debut. It’s very hard to talk about Ladies’ Code without talking/thinking about the tragedy that happened to the group in 2014. But I’ll try. I considered them a monster rookie, with a lot of potential. All the tracks released by them in 2013 had a lot of quality and the spy-esque bop Bad Girl wasn’t different. Plus, the MV is great.

– • –

45. Nell – Ocean Of Light

Album: Escaping Gravity

I didn’t know this song was from Nell until last year, when he released one of my favorite albums from 2016 and looking for more of his work, I found this track and remembered how I used to listen to this back in 2013 at the subway on the way of my classes in college. Nostalgic. Ocean Of Light has the classical good Nell elements: a emotional vocal, synths and vibrant instruments.

– • –

44. Kahi – It’s ME

Album: Who Are You?

After graduating from After School in 2012 and leaving a hole in our hearts, Kahi came back solo with the good It’s ME. The song, as well as the MV, is stripped, sexy and charismatic just like the artist. Kahi is for me one of the most complete artists of k-pop and, even though not as praised as it should have been, this song showcases exactly that.

– • –

43. Busker Busker – Love, at first

Album: Busker Busker Vol. 2

I have a tumultuous relation with k-ballads and slow-tempos. I love to suffer with songs on a regular basis but 90% of what is released on that area feels insipid, generic and repetitive, so I never get too excited for ballads. But when they get it right, they really get it. This is such a pretty heart-break song. The poignant vocals from Busker Busker’s vocalist are definitely their strong point and I know some people don’t feel it much but I really like it. They did a meteor success in 2012 with the sweet “Cherry Blossom Ending” (becoming the best-selling digital single on Korea of all time with 7.083.628 downloads ) and in 2013 they came back with a single that may not be as strong but is just as beautiful.

– • –

42. Shishido Kavka – Love Corrida

Album: Kavkanize

This chorus!!!! In Love Corrida, Kavka conveys a great pop-rock in such a thrilling way. It’s too addicting. I feel like this song should be higher on this list, but it was one of the last ones I knew so while it keeps growing in me by each listen, I give it a dignified #42.


– • –

41. Smells – Up And Down feat. SeungYeon

Album: Up And Down

Smells is a Dj that in 2013 paired up with some artists and made a pretty good dance album. The best collab for me is Up And Down, the typical dirty club song with synths and garage house that we all love to sweat to.


– • –












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