EXID is back with another BOP and it doesn’t surprise me.

After their jazzy comeback on April with “Night Rather Than Day”, EXID is back. Since I discovered the group, I highly anticipate their comebacks, even more after their jump of recognition in 2014 and since then they’ve been consolidating even more their very strong catalog that has been built since their debut.

In times were girl group disbands are turning almost compulsory, specially from second and third generation, to see EXID being successful and staying consistent it’s a huge pleasure as a fan. All there’s left for us to know is if my hype was corresponded, shall we?


I love how EXID is always exploring new musical paths and styles and still “respecting” their identity and most important, quality. DDD is a funky uptempo that is exciting, ironic, sexy and catchy. The non-sense of the “Uh-uh-huh-huh” and “Deol-dael-deol-dael” is too sticky.

gif credits: xiyeons

The structure of the song is very EXID-ish: Hani enters with her soft vocals before taking turns with LE’s potent rhythmic rap. The chorus is brought by Hyerin (still in the absence of Solji) in a more high-pitched tone that gives that signature aspect to their singles and at last, Junghwa adding her sweet voice here and there between verses.

 gif credits: starlighthani
gif credits: cosmixqirls

It’s disco deliciousness with a Dance backtrack. LE is once again proven to be a great producer in the making and I could not be more satisfy to see a woman in k-pop take this much of space as she is taking on these last years with EXID hits. The MV is sophisticated and gorgeous with beautiful neon takes from the 4 beauties while the lyrics are playful about questioning the stupidity of the dude in question. Playful lyrics about stupid dudes are also a recorrent part of their recent work that I absolutely love.

DDD is sexy, fun and well-made and I feel that not many artists on current k-pop can match the girls on these levels of charisma in their songs while being well-produced.
I love it.

gif credits: laprincesseecarlate





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