Best songs of 2013: Part 3 – 40-31

Here we have the third part of my top songs of 2013! In this part I start to put some songs that really stayed on my playlists for years, turning on to be absolute faves!

Let’s check it out:

40. F(x) – Airplane

Album: Pink Tape

Now on the #40’s, we start with one of the most beloved side tracks from F(x) fans (me included), Airplane, a EDM that couldn’t be more fresh. It’s one of those songs that plays on the radio and makes crowds jump while vibing to it but I personally love how this song happened on “Pink Tape”. I feel like I’m listening to a futuristic intergalactic cyborg pop love song and I love it ♡.

– • –

39. Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer

Album: Gone Not Around Any Longer

Now that we don’t have Sistar anymore and much less Sistar19 , all their releases are becoming even more dear in my heart. But Gone Not Around Any Longer doesn’t need my over-attached-post-disband spot in here, it just deserves it. The song is a sexy slow-tempo, a crying in the club bop and I’m here for it.

– • –

38. Seungri – Gotta Talk To U

Album: Let’s Talk About Love

If you happen to be familiar with me, you’ll know I’m not a fan of Big Bang songs and members in general, so some of their most famous solo releases of 2013 just passed by and didn’t really caught my attention. But there were two that I found very above average and Gotta Talk To U is one of them. The whole construction of the track, at the beggining with a acoustic guitar, adding elements here and there along his soft vocals growing towards a electronic and explosive chorus is a very well-crafted and sophisticated one.

– • –

37. T-ARA – Do You Know Me?

Album: Again 1977

This is not one of the most remembered T-ara songs by the public but is definitely by me. I love the fusion of disco music and trot that T-ara did countless times and manages to do it very well again in Do You Know Me?. The strong instrumental that transitions from 70’s Disco elements to contemporary electronic elements gives a modernized ABBA feel that makes this song one of my favorite singles from them. (The songs starts on the 3:23 mark.)

– • –

36. Rania – Just Go

Album: Just Go

Before Rania become a mess with how bizarre the agency treats Alex, long hiatus and confusions about the formation in general, they were always releasing nice songs. Just Go is really good. It’s uptempo and dark. It has that bitter pop feel with compassed synths and robotic voices that makes a great revenge hymn.

 – • –

 35. Sunmi – 24 hours

Album: 24 Hours – Single

Sunmi, that by the time was in hiatus from WG, had her solo debut with the sultry 24 Hours. One of the things that pleases me the most about this song is the very present instrumental mashing with Sunmi’s whispered vocals and that brings a phantasmagorical feel to the song but also the sexiness to it. It was a memorable debut and that said a lot about the type of artist Sunmi would be.

– • –

34. Troublemaker – Now

Album: Chemestry

Troublemaker was a project that despite being somewhat brief, was impressive. Both artists complemented each other very well and both songs became hits, “Troublemaker” and Now. The chanting, the sensuality, the good balance between rap + instrumental and the more squeaky vocals from Hyunseung gives the drama of the turbulent relationship portrayed on the MV. But just like the album suggests, what made Troublemaker one of the most successful units of K-pop to this date is the chemistry.

– • –

33. Perfume – Party Maker

Album: Level3

This song is so long, omg. Party Maker is a robotic/hit the club electronic track that makes you jump! Is heavy, sweaty and powerful and I love how this came from Perfume like a conclusion of their evolution on electronic music throughout the years.


– • –

32. Shinee – Orgel

Album: Chapter 2. Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me

Orgel is a obscure k-pop that takes you in a listening experience with a lot of refinement. In the “Misconceptions” series and “Everybody” album, Shinee experimented this same formula/side of them in some songs but none ended up so good as this one.

– • –

31. IU – Red Shoes

Album: Modern Times

Like I said in the first part of the list, IU’s “Modern Times” was a ode to jazz and big band genres and Red Shoes was the perfect single to display it. The song has a lot of musical on it and a lot of the irreverence of Jazz notes altogether. IU really shinned with this concept as whole in a way that I still haven’t seen a K-pop artist pulling up such a high quality themed album.

– • –








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