Best songs of 2013: Part 4 – 30-21

We’re entering the third last part of this Top and things get a little more close to the end, with songs I have a big appreciation appearing already.

So, without further ado, let’s see what my 30 favorite songs of 2013 looks like:

30. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

Album: The Streets Go Disco

I confess that I never really paid attention to this song before making this list. Is not that I didn’t like it…It just didn’t catch my attention as much as it caught from people and the hype didn’t happened to me. When checking some lists of 2013, Bar Bar Bar was a secure place on it, so I decided to give it a true listen again. Now I kinda understand the hype. I mean, I still don’t find it a masterpiece or something like it, but I find it very infectious, funny to watch and unexpectedly complex which made it grab this #30 on the list.

– • –

29. BESTie – Love Options

Album: Love Options – Single

Every time I listen to this song writing this description, I get more frustrated by the fate the group had. Uji and Dahye left the group this year, loosing a extremely charismatic member and one of the best vocalist of k-pop in one big shot of neglect from the company with long hiatus and minimum investment on the group. Now we are left with a group that could have been. I love Best Options as a well-structured, addictive pop song and I’ll take that and some other songs from the group as a bittersweet gift.

– • –

28. Hong Jin Young – Boogie Man

Album: Boogie Man – Single

Orange Caramel already introduced me to a sub-genre of pop and Trot that I absolutely love, but Boogie Man really went on the more traditional way with Jin Young emulating the style over a slightly modernize version. Is a Trot bop and I love it.


– • –

27. Glam – In Front Of The Mirror

Album: In Front Of The Mirror

Can you feel how much of trot this song also has? Many k-pop dramatic songs are rooted on the traditional genre. Glam is another great group that disbanded but with a troubled outcome that I’ll not go into but you can read it here. In Front Of The Mirror does something very similar to the previous position for me, but here the drama intensifies and I love some drama.

– • –

26. SNSD – Galaxy Supernova

Album: Love&Peace

Girl’s Generation Japanese discography is pretty solid. It’s filled with amazing b-sides and singles, being often much superior to their Korean catalog. One of those releases is Galaxy Supernova, a track that catches us with a vibrant pace from beginning to end without losing it’s breath. It mashes hip hop with electronic elements that gives a robotic tempo to the track along with the sticky verses.

– • –

25. Perfume – Magic Of Love

Album: Level 3

Level 3 is a great album and a great introduction to Perfume and electronic pop song in general. Magic Of Love is their second best single from this era and shows a cheery and bubbly aspect of their sound, very 8-bit, that I love it. If Lovelyz release something even more synth-driven someday, I expect to be something like this.

– • –

24. F(x) – Signal

Album: Pink Tape

Here we have one of best songs F(x) ever released, SignalPink Tape is a much talked and listened album and every time I see people listing their favorite songs from it, Signal ends up being eclipsed by other tracks that became more popular. But listen! It’s a delicious Disco that sound like something that would play on a humid club in the 70’s and I-am-here-for-IT!

– • –

23. Miss A – Come On Over

Album: Hush

Here we have another often forgotten b-side but that is a delicious R&B mid-tempo by Miss A, Come On Over. The song’s atmosphere is enigmatic with the elevated bass on the instrumental but at the same time summery with transitions that feel like waves crashing on a end of afternoon sunset. Delicious.

– • –

22. Wednesday Campanella – Gogh

Album: Crawl To Sakaagari

Wednesday Campanella only entered my radar at the end of 2015 and since then they became one of my favorite electronic artists. And only last year, recapping their discography, I stumbled with the electronic wonder that is Gogh. Even with busy instrumentals, WC songs are always graced with KOM_I subtle vocals, that I love.

– • –

21. Jolin Tsai – Beast

Album: Muse

“Muse” was released in 2012 but the MV for Beast came in 2013. The song is a dark electro-pop at it’s best and the MV is artistic, red and gorgeous, with glittery scenes, interesting graphic elements and a gigantic pole.


– • –



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