Best songs of 2013: Final – 10-1

Hi folks! Finally, this is the last part of 2013 list.

It was a challenge to do it, to list them from good to great. But I did, and I’m satisfied. Like I said at the first part, 2013 wasn’t a strong year for me but this songs here, from the last parts, I consider amazing. So yeah, I hope you love this top 10 as much as I do. 🙂

10. Nine Muses – Action

Album: Wild

Action is my favorite Nine Muses b-side of all-time. I don’t know what it is: maybe the powerful instrumental or the over-dramatic vocals following it or maybe the overall epic feel that it has. Whatever the effect this song has with me, it is a strong one.


– • –

 9. T-ARA – Number 9

Album: Again

Right after the scandal that defined the rest of their career in Korea until the very end, T-ARA released the dramatic EDM of Number 9. Opinions and injustices aside, this song is a true banger. It has that elements that scream T-ARA, even when it’s not a vintage pop comeback, as the beat goes off with a dramatic and melancholic vocal performance by the group. Intense and memorable, just like the group’s career and history was and always will be.

– • –

8. T.O.P- Doom Dada

Album: Doom Dada

Doom Dada is the best thing Big Bang released in 2013 and probably in their career. The obscure and, conceptually, surrealist construction of the song is very reminiscing of artists like the rap genius Missy Elliott. Can’t remember many other k-hiphop songs that are as authentic as this one.

– • –

7. F(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum

Album: Pink Tape

What the concoction of a mandolin, synths, samba and marching band could possibly give us? That’s right, Rum Pum Pum Pum. And about how first loves are like a wisdom tooth pain. Only F(x) could pull this off as such a mainstream pop song. They had an amazing year with the release of one of my favorite albums of k-pop, and to top it off, with a amazing single.

– • –

6. Lee Hi – Rose

Album: First Love

When a song matches the artist that it was assigned to, is so evident, is almost cosmic. Rose is a crying-in-the-club, climatic and sad bop that fits Lee Hi raspy big voice perfectly. Her interpretation only leaves you even more obsessed with it, like she was interpreting a poem. The verses are beautiful and the chorus stays with you. The rap fits unexpectedly perfectly and the evocative “every rose has it’s thorn” really shows the painful beauty of this track.

– • –

5. Perfume – 1MM

Album: Level 3

Perfume is truly one of a kind on the music scenario. The way they incorporate synth, house and electro-pop in this soft and complex approach of their own is nothing but remarkable. 1MM is so vibrant and contagious in a meticulous way. Their choreography to the song is so instinctively electronic. Perfume always get to be and feel so fresh, even after all these years.

– • –

4. Nine Muses – Wild

Album: Wild

Like I said before on this and in my “Best Songs: Nine Muses” list, 2013 was a amazing year to the girls and Wild was the peak of it. The production efforts in this track are the most notable, with ‘balanced’ being the best word to describe it. The measure of vocals and rap, instrumental and vocals, electronic and instrumental…is great and rare on k-pop songs. Wild is powerful and dynamic and it only gets bigger and bigger and by the time the song is done you’re left with a feeling that you listened to something epic.

– • –

3. Miss A – Hush

Album: Hush

Writing this whole list ended up being much more difficult then I expected, when I look into the majority of the groups on it that were shinning so bright on that year and where they stand now. Miss A is one of those groups. One of the most influential female groups on k-pop has gone through a lack of investment as a group, prioritizing only one more profitable member, having a frustrating outcome with two members leaving, being impossible to the group ever exist again. Plain sad. Miss A has a great catalog and in 2013, when Hush came out, it was like a proper renewed on how a sexy concept should look like. The way the instrumental and electronic elements enter the song, so calculated. How hypnotic the entire vibe of the track is. How tense the song gets you to only explode right at the end. Is an amazing work on a pop song that only enriches their undeniable legacy.

– • –

2. Girl’s Day – Expectation

Album: Expectation

2013 was a year that the mainstream, the over-used and worn out concepts someway shined with me. Expectation is one of those pop songs that you feel like you listened to it multiple times before. But none as infectious. The beat sounds like anything on the radio would be blasting. But with a charm on it’s on. I don’t know what makes Expectation stand out so much for me, but once you listen to it, 10 times in a row will be a low number for this smash hit of replay factors. And in a retrospect, Girl’s Day is still here, in 2017, so yeah, this song sounds even better.

– • –

1. Afterschool – Dressing Room

Album: First Love

This is probably very unexpected. Dressing Room is the ultimate b-side from Afterschool and one of the best ever from k-pop. The song is introduced with this mechanical and melancholic atmosphere that goes on through the entire track. There isn’t a single time that I listen to this song and don’t feel the ecstasy it has. I feel like I’m in the middle of a devastating contemporary romance film, 2am, with city lights blinding me. Dressing Room transports me and from all the songs I listen to in 2013, this one I buried in my heart. It’s a perfect pop song, a masterpiece.

– • –


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