Best songs of November

Hi folks! Finally the final month favorites has arrived. I’ve been very absent due to work and technology issues but I finally stopped for a while to put together my thoughts on the songs I dug the most on this very month. So without making another insufferable long intro, let’s get into it:


Song: Jinsei Wa Yume Darake (Life if full of dreams)
Artist: Shiina Ringo
Album: Reimport vol. 2

Tomorrow, Shiina will be releasing her second album of covers of herself and Jinsei wa Yume Darake is her new single. If you’re not familiar with the singer, she’s also a songwriter and time and time, she goes back to some of the songs she crafted for other artists to put her own twist on it. Shiina is a bless. Her diverse body of work is a delight. In JWYD, she explores jazz in this delicious theatrical way, that starts very timid and keeps growing until it explodes. The coat she’s wearing is a vintage one from her own mom and her necklace was sweetly crafted by her daughter. This is Shiina.

Song: DDD
Artist: EXID
Album: Full Moon

At the beginning of the month, EXID came back strong with the good DDD, one of the best singles of their career. The song is made in the molds of a typical EXID song, like how LE deliver her lines to the high pitched chorus. But it’s done at it’s best. DDD is contagious, sexy, ironic and moody, which is a great combo for a pop track. This would only get better if Solji was in it.

Song: Peek-A-Boo
Artist: Red Velvet
Album: Perfect Velvet

Another group that made a memorable comeback this month was Red Velvet. Peek-A-Boo is a creepy tropical that takes us on a bloody and fun visual narrative. It is also a step forward to a direction for the group in terms of concept that makes me look even more to them. Actually, Peek-A-Book is not the highlight of their consistent album (Kingdom Come and Look are my faves) but it displays, with the addition of the visuals, what the Red+Velvet sides should be like.

Song: Thirsty
Artist: Taemin
Album: MOVE

Thirsty is the second release from “MOVE”. Smooth but more “aggressive” than Move, a classic R&B that showcases the artist potential the best. Taemin excels when it comes to body expression and the meticulous visual aspect of dancing so it’s great to see him invest on it like he has been doing so constantly on his solo career.

Song: Into You
Artist: KARD
Album: You & Me

In my review of KARD’s new single “You In Me“, I wrote how much I thought that this was their first comeback that didn’t sound redundant after “Don’t Recall”. But looking into their album, I found a even better path the group could take but in a form of a b-side. Into You is dense, sometimes ethereal, dramatic, synth-based and balanced. I like where the build up of the pre-chorus drops, I like the initial verse, I like how the vocalists dominate the track. A great effort from the group and something I’d love to see more from them in the future.

Song: New
Artist: LOOΠΔ
Album: Yves – Single

“Look” by Red Velvet lost it’s spot on the last moments of the month but it was inevitable. This is great. New is the best 80’s inspired act of the month on k-pop by far. The feel-good vibe in the form of a fast paced melancholic ballad is everything I wanted from LOONA and didn’t know. The project is coming to a end and the quality only rises, with catchy and well-produced songs. Exciting.

Song: I (Knew It)
Artist: Sonamoo
Album: Happy Box Part. 2

Sonamoo was also a group that came with everything this month and delivered the fast tango of I (Knew It). The track has pulse. It builds up with their vocals and whines layering over the Spanish guitar, jumping to a enigmatic pre-chorus and exploding on this vivid and sumptuous chorus. What TS is doing for Sonamoo this year is nothing but just right.

Song: Gala
Artist: Wednesday Campanella
Album: Gala – Single

Wednesday Campanella is back in my lists after the lovely “Ikkyu-San” at the beginning of the year with the future bass champagne CF’s Gala. Is not as exciting as the “Superman” tracks for me but if you know me for 20 seconds you know the love I nurture for KOM_I so yeah, Gala would be here.



Song: 01 170908myidea(intro)_3
Artist: 2xxx!
Album: Life

Club Eskimo producer 2xxx! solo debuted with a album full of collaborations that rendered nice songs, like “Rough” and “Girl, Interruped“. But tbh, it was the jazzhop of the intro that really got me hooked.

Song: Floor
Artist: For Tracy Hyde
Album: he(r)art

For Tracy Hyde was one of the acts that completed invaded my playlist on November. Inside “he(r)art” I found multiple tracks to feed my need of feel-good songs on this dog year so yeah, Floor is making it’s appearance here but I highly recommend a soft listen to “Theme of he(r)art” or “Underwater Girl“.


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