In memory of Jonghyun.

Hello guys. It’s being a while, right?

I’ve been preparing the end of year lists and posts for the blog along intense weeks of work at my job and that’s why I’ve been so absent. But I decided to go out of my “hiatus” just to say a few words about the immeasurably painful and tragic event that happened yesterday.

I’ll not stretch myself or dissect anything about the happening or his life. I’m just here to write a few thoughts on it since I felt I needed to.

Jonghyun wasn’t often on my radar in the sense I didn’t particularly was a Shawol or a personal fan, but I always thought he was extremely talented and charismatic. But beyond that, he was worth it. His life and his whole being was worth of love and comprehension.

Reading his letter made me realize how the narrative of those, like him and me, who have depression, get crossed. The pressure, the lack of empathy from professionals, like doctors or even bosses, teachers and so on, the silencing from the world, the taboo.

I don’t want to make it long so I’ll end here: We need to humanize people more.

We need to love people and make them feel human, worth it and understood. It’s our duty as human beings, as forces of life. We need to love more and let people show their heart, their weakness. Everything.

I wish his soul to go in peace and that his family find comfort in the love they felt for him.


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