Best Songs of 2017: Honorable Mentions

Hi guys! I’m just about to release my ‘best of the year’ post so I decided to create this other post to reunite songs that didn’t entered my final list for very specific reasons that I needed to explain. Let me just get into it already.

#Boygroup choreography of the year that is for a song I don’t like:

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

I needed to mention this for it’s dance performance. I love this choreography but the song doesn’t do that much for me. I don’t hate it, I just think it’s a little boring, not enough to sacrifice a spot on my list. With that being said, please check out K-pop’s best male choreography of the year. NCT Dream’s My First and Last is also incredible.

#Best song I didn’t have enough time with:

Shiina Ringo – Jinsei Wa Yume Darake

I love Shiina so much and this song keeps growing on me but not enough to already take another one of the list so here’s my caring mention.

#Intro I didn’t felt it needed a spot on the list but I wanted to mention:

Pristin – We Are Pristin

Although I really liked this intro, I really didn’t felt like burning a spot for it but hey, that’s why honorable mentions are for. Like I said in my review of it in August favorite tracks, “We Are Pristin reminds me of Afterschool fun intros that I love so much. The torch has been officially passed and my hopes renewed.”

#Goodbye mention:

Sistar – Lonely 

Lonely marked Sistar’s fruitful contribution for k-pop’s history an end. The group is known for their summer releases and sultry sensual tracks but their goodbye act is neither of it. As a gift for their fans in the most appropriate and decent disband of k-pop, they released a song and a MV that subtly showed their long lasting friendship and care for each other in a more low-key note and the result, although not making the cut, is emotional in it’s best.

So that’s it y’all! Now get ready for the countdown.


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