Best Songs of 2017: Part 1

Hello folks! How are y’all doing? It’s quite unbelievable to think that we’re already on the last week of the year, that was personally a struggle, but that is coming to a end. It went by so fast, seriously. But diverting from my elderly inquires about “time”, let’s go for what it matters.

With the end of the year, we get to the most anticipated and dear list of this blog: the annual! And that in itself is already unbelievable. My first annual list! For the longest time I wanted to this blog, never got to do it but now we’re here. Without stretching on the emotions, I’d like to thank all the ones that made this journey so nice for me, accomplishing to link together 2 of my favorite things: writing and music. Even if it’s not good, thank you.

But now going to what REALLY matters, my 2017 on Asian Pop was quite satisfactory. It started strong, followed by bumpy months but also great releases. A positive balance.

Besides, I’ve listened to a lot of stuff this year (as usual), inside and out of the subject of the blog (a post about it will be coming these next few days) so if your favorite song doesn’t make a appearance or appears on a spot you don’t agree, don’t worry. It’s really just my opinion and after all, if the song appeared in this top 70, it means a lot for me.

But before anything, pls check my honorable mentions post. 🙂

And now, let’s go to my top 70 best songs of Asian Pop in 2017:

70 – Brave Girls – Rollin’

Previous Entry: –
Album: Rollin’

With the trend of the year in K-pop, Brave Girls made their appearance with the entertaining tropical house of Rollin’. The differential of the song lies on it’s fast backtrap compared to the others of the sub-genre, the verses, that are well placed, like the subtle pre-chorus or catchy hook and the flutes. And Yuna is gorgeous.

– • –

69 – FEMM – Do It Again feat. LIZ

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Album: Do It Again – Single

At this end of year, I was super hyped for FEMM’s throwback album but in the end, I was disappointed. I actually liked “Sabishii Nettaigyo” but it kinda ended up failing in comparison to it’s better ’89 original, so Do It Again turned out to be my favorite release from them this year. It’s a catchy 80’s influenced pop that would totally sound like a side track from “” if wasn’t for their rap. Now is FEMM’s.

– • –

68 – EXO-CBX – Ka-Ching!

Previous entry: –
Album: Girls

Of all the releases EXO did this year with a full album and a repackage, Ka-Ching! is definitely the most catchy. The good opportunities that a sub-unit can give a group is to display a completely different side from it’s original formation (i.e. Orange Caramel/Afterschool) and even though EXO-CBX doesn’t differentiate themselves from EXO’s sound that much, Ka-Ching! is fun like no other song EXO ever was.

– • –

67 – WJSN – Babyface

Previous entry: –
Album: Happy Moment

WJSN isn’t a group that circulates around my radar that much, at least not since “Secret”, their most conceptually matching single. But Babyface is cool. Different from what they’ve been releasing recently, it’s cohesive, very catchy and irreverent with quality. It sounds like something I would see SNSD releasing on their golden years on the Japanese market. And for WJSN, I see it as their best release so far.

– • –

66 – Bed In – Co・Co・Ro Gradation

Previous entry:
Album: Co Co Ro Gradation – Single

Bed In is a duo that uses various elements from the 80’s sound in the best irreverent way possible. Co Co Ro Gradation is a precise 80’s jam with it’s character, vibrancy, synths, drama, guitar riffs and neon.


– • –

65 – LOOΠΔ 1/3 – Sonatime

Previous entry: –
Album: Love & Evil

The first addition from the Loonaverse on my list is the ludic Sonatime. So pretty. The pace of the song is almost a lullaby, with whispered vocals and gentle instrumentals, that oscillate between minimalist and orchestral. The tango on the break is so good and at the end, the way all these elements conjure up on the beautiful and melancholic urban landscape from Hong Kong dawn results in something sweet and yet poetic.

– • –

64 – Lee Hyori – Seoul feat. Killagramz

Previous entry: –
Album: Black

It’s in the contrast of the landscapes that permeate her meanings and re-meanings of “home” that Lee Hyori delivers her first single after four years in hiatus, Seoul. Through her gaze and her literal redemption about her birthplace and about Jeju, where she choose to live in these last few years leading a peaceful life away from the spotlight and the music industry, she quietly puts in this soft-folk her trajectory in her beautiful dancing shots, oscillating between concrete and bodily freedom performed in the bucolic scenarios of the island in a way that is nothing less than subtle.

 – • –

63 – SVT Performance Team – Lilili Yabbay
(13th Month Dance)

Previous entry: –
Album: Teen Age

SVT Performance came this year in a expressive effort with the future bass of Lilili Yabbay. The unit always provides me my favorite musical moments from the group by far and the track is quite this, a moment. Isolated, Lilili Yabbay is pretty neutral and ordinary in the sub-genre. But, with the addition of the dance routine, it transforms. It becomes ornamental and vivid. And maybe the unit’s potential lies in there, to give the best shape for what would be only sound.

– • –

62 – Red Velvet – Rookie

Previous entry: –
Album: Rookie

Rookie is the most un-Red Velvet single they ever released. The construction and quick tempo don’t really relate to their other “red side” singles and maybe this was the biggest reason for the estrangement of the fans with the song. But personally, I love it. It’s extremely catchy and fun, frenetic and nervous. The bass, sax and general jazzy groove of it are super nice. And the MV is pretty.

– • –

61- Uhm Jung Hwa – Ending Credit

Previous entry: –
Album: The Cloud Dream of the Nine Part.2

For the second year in a row, Uhm Jung Hwa released a great single in it’s final moments almost not entering this list (which kinda closed in the middle of December) but still managed to take off a spot even if it’s in the first part of the top. Ending Credit‘s synth-pop is so evocative and simultaneously plain, simple feel-good music at it’s best. If released around September, October, it would’ve probably reached a higher spot but the time to stick with me was not that much, so this #61 suits this beautiful 80’s inspired ballad nicely.

– • –


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