Best Songs of 2017: Part 2

Hi guys! Happy festivities! 🎁🎁

I’ll try not to write a terrible intro to each part of this list but I’ll warn you: this will be a difficult task for me.

In the first part we had two 80’s inspired Japanese tracks, two k-pop girl groups coming out of their comfort zone, two veteran comebacks, one of the few tracks that are savable from the super-hyper-overused-tropical-house-2k17 trend, one beautiful dance routine and a cinematic sugary moment from the Loonaverse. What were your thoughts on it?

Please let me know in the comments! Now, let’s go for the part 2.

60 – Zion.T – Comedian

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Album: OO

Comedian is what Zion.T does best, a smooth R&B with soul and shyness. His album “OO” was a very easy listening from this year but Comedian, among the remaining songs, encapsulates his artist character the best for me, being introspective, relaxed and addictive.

– • –

59 – Elris – Pow Pow

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Album: Color Rush

Elris had it’s debut at the beginning of the year with the forgetful “We, First” but totally recovered with the charming Pow Pow. It’s cute, vibrant and teen!, automatically being a highlight among the sea of similarly produced mid-tempo cute singles that happened this year (and that has being more and more predominant each year.) I much love something irreverent and colorful that is delightful to the ears. The chorus gets me everytime for it’s sugar candy sweetness and the ‘Love love love love is volcaaaaaano!’ is so very catchy.

– • –

58 – Juniel – Last Carnival

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Album: Last Carnival – Single

Juniel made a song about a difficult topic in a melodic, funky and bittersweet way. Last Carnival is about abusive relationship, domestic violence and pain. The way she delivered was sincere and honest in a way that not only the narrative resonated with me but the sonority quality of it also did.

– • –

57 – Exo – Going Crazy

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Album: The War

I listened to “The War” this year and Going Crazy definitely came through as the highlight of it. The song incorporates what would be EXO’s sound for me, a dramatic r&b-infused-pop that displayed good choices, like highlighting the best vocals of the group or using some dashing elements on the production rather simple. Anyway, the result is pretty good.

– • –

56 – NCT 127 – Back 2 U

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Album: Limitless

Here we have the best song NCT delivered this year. Their strongest single, among all units, was “Limitless” but the nostalgic Back 2 U took the spot. The song works like a ode to early 2000’s R&B, that is what prevails on k-pop musical references but here it comes more organic than any recent other. Elements like drum-machine, melismas, harmonization, cadence and even theatrical elements like a phone ringing brought the vibes of songs that artists like Usher and Ne-Yo made so popular back then.

– • –

55 – Snuper – Back:hug

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Album: I Wanna?

Like I said in some corner of this blog, Snuper holds the title for poorly recognized boygroup with good potential in their singles. Their promotional catalog is predominantly composed by synth-driven tracks that resort to timeless 80’s elements like powerful key changes and over the top vocal interpretations. Back:Hug is another one of these tracks that mix those elements along with the beats to leave a captivating and replay factor mark.

– • –

54 – Lee Haeri – Pattern

Previous Entry: –
Album: h

I don’t know Davicii despite it’s immense fame in South Korea but when I listened to Pattern, I felt I was missing out on something this whole time. The union of Lee Haeri’s voice with the song instrumental is great and give the exact tone of sensuality and melancholy. Pattern increases the level of what could be a emotional song that doesn’t surrender to overused mannerisms, betting on a track that didn’t had to choose between drama and sophistication, but being both.

– • –

53 – Odd Eye Circle – Sweet Crazy Love

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Album: Max & Match

When Sweet Crazy Love was released, I interpreted the track as a regular addition for what was a great progression of singles to the group and not as a song that necessarily aggregated to their catalog. Over time, the track kept growing on me. Now, I think it fits the trio’s concept very well besides displaying some opportunities that weren’t explored before. In this enigmatic vibe translated in a R&B with simple elements, SCL showed another facet from the team behind this so anticipated project.

– • –

52 – OOHYO – Pizza

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Album: Pizza – Single

In this delicious groove I found a ode to Pizza for two. I loved this track about longing, boredom and love. It’s a simple listening equally delicious to OOHYO’s voice. I am an assiduous listener of what I consider to be feel-good because I am and that’s it. The post-chorus synthesizers and the vibe that permeates this production have taken a place here and throughout my entire year.

– • –

51 – Dreamcatcher – Good Night

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Album: Nightmare·Fall asleep in the mirror

Dreamcatcher debuted this year like a (sinister) breath of fresh air with “Chase Me” and to see how Good Night not only was better than it’s predecessor but fit like a glove to the group even more it’s amazing. I love Dreamcatcher’s concept inside of k-pop and I love all the possibilities the group had shown ’till now (we’ll talk about it more later on.) Good Night has a simply intentional production that works, a dark tone that also works and a choreography that is once again very good.

– • –


2 thoughts on “Best Songs of 2017: Part 2

    1. They are two underrated groups that def entered my favorite k-pop group list! I’m always looking for what’s next from them, specially Dreamcatcher, but I’ll talk more about the girls on the next parts of the list :)))


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