Best songs of 2017: Part 5

Hi guys! Can you guest if this intro will be any better than the one before or worst? You guessed right!

I promise next two intros will be more readable but until there, let’s get on it:

30 – Yves (from LOONA) – New

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Album: Yves – Single

No way I would’ve ever guessed how many songs LOONA would be displaying in this list at the beginning of the year, or even doing this list right now. The way they executed this project making it seem like they can pull off anything but always with this LOONA twist is what makes this the most interesting project of k-pop without a doubt. New was released on November and still managed to still such a high spot on this list. The synth-pop mixed with Yves immense charisma and charm totally made it for me and I can’t really stop listening to it since it came out.

– • –

29 – KARD – Into You

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Album: You & Me

Into You is the electronic redemption of what KARD’s sound can go for. The verses until the chorus, even the rap, create a masterful, almost ethereal environment for this hypnotizing mid-tempo. When the chorus explodes, bringing the synths and beats, it creates the peak of the dramatic feel that was building up, only increasing with the second chorus and drop down with Jiwoo. Full of feeling, Into You may assimilate everything the mainstream radio is overplaying right now but I’m not complaining. For it’s way of doing it, it’s nothing less than beautiful.

– • –

 28 – Dreamcatcher – Wake Up

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Album: Prequel

Wake Up remit to one of those pop-rock songs that infested all places when I was a teen and I didn’t really dig much at that time. I still don’t for the majority of it but Wake Up is great. Dreamcatcher’s sound is build over guitars, being more pop or more nu-metal. Here, they put pop and rock in the same amount and create a absolutely distinct moment for the group, specially inside k-pop.

– • –

27 – Girl’s Day – Love Again

Previous Entry: 2013 – #2 (Expectation)
Album: Everyday #5

To listen to this type of result in k-pop, just like IU’s “Love Alone”, it’s rare. The acoustic highlight is usually given to tracks that have high vocal register, usually for ballads, mostly forgettable, just to showcase their ranges. In this case, the acoustic is established in a rock steady vein with dramatic touches, reminding me of what Amy Winehouse used to release, but with lighter and pop-er vocals. And I love it. Although rare, is just a extra welcomed result.

– • –

26 – Leah Dou – See You Again

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Album: See You Again – Single

Leah Dou is Faye Wong daughter, my favorite mandopop singer of all times. Leah’s album is great, experimental and interesting. But for this list I choose the OST she recorded for the Chinese theaters release of “Koe No Katachi”. The way it sound like a traditional Chinese pop song bring all the tenderness and melancholy of See You Again. Her vocal interpretation is so subtle and absolutely beautiful. And emotional. Personal, visual and atmospheric. It transports me and reminds me that music is heart and feeling.

– • –

25 – IU – Last Night Story

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Album: A Flower Bookmark II

IU’s second remake EP brought her version of the 80’s smash south korean hit Last Night Story, that I immediately associated with the epic cover I saw on Reply 1988 last year without actually knowing the name of the song and the song gained a whole other meaning to me. If I, that wasn’t in South Korea in the 80’s or didn’t grew up there could make that connection with the past by only seeing a TV Series, I realized how fun this was. And the MV! So good.

– • –

24 – Twice – Knock Knock

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Album: Twicecoaster: Lane 2

Knock Knock is Twice’s best song this year. You may disagree with me and say that it’s infested with stuff you’re tired of seeing in the group, that it’s a mess, that is not a big deal blah blah blah. I don’t care. Knock Knock is the most contagious song they had since “TT”. It’s fun in the right measure, has replay factor in the right measure and it’s catchy in the right measure. It has more emotion than anything the group released this year, not even “Likey”. Was in Knock Knock that Twice proved to me that in the middle of cute, random and bubbly concepts, there was a side I still haven’t notice: the contagious.

– • –

23 – Choerry (from LOONA) – Love Cherry Motion

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Album: Choerry – Single

Love Cherry Motion was the third and final piece of the puzzle composed to show the new direction LOONA was going to be taking. The way the song was construct is simply one of the smartest moves on a song this year. It entrails perfectly the change of concepts, how she’s the bridge of both worlds, coming of age, or anything of the kind. It sends a message perfectly and in that way, it creates it’s own aura to it. The heavy breaks in contrasts with the delicious bubbly verses are simply great and the replay factor of this one is beyond. To something be this literal or obvious and still leave such a mark is impressive. Also, the exact moment Kim Lip and Jinsoul appeared, I was shook.

– • –

22 – Lovelyz – Night and Day

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Album: R U Ready?

In another consistent year for the queens of aegyo, this bossa nova inspired side track stole the spot of their best release. The delicacy of the group’s vocals are usually very well used but here in Night and Day (and also “My Little Lover” which is another huge favorite of mine) it gets clear. It’s angelic feel is mixed with a sophisticated sound that is kinda timeless. All the flattering I do to the group is for moments like this. Sometimes I feel like they still didn’t had a song that was the true hit-of-my-heart™ but their consistency on doing good, atmospheric and sweet songs is enough to always make me come back.

– • –

21 – A.C.E – Cactus

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Album: Cactus – Single

The one that, in a act of absolute surprise, turned out to be my favorite boygroup song of the year, brought elements that made me start liking k-pop boybands when I first started to listen to the genre. I love this here. The interesting immersion of 80’s musical aspects with a very current production is highly dancing and majorly captivating. For all the performance and adrenaline of it, the merit for Cactus is undeniable.

– • –


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