Best Songs of 2017: Final


Our list of the best Asian Pop songs of 2017 comes to an end. This year was one that the songs that stayed the most in me were the ones that created emotions, not necessarily because of their innovation.

Despite some technical problems, I was finally able to post all the parts! Learning to organize myself better so that unforeseen events do not destroy anything is one of my goals for 2018 so I hope to be able to also materialize them here in the blog.

Hope you like it! Oh, making better intros is also one of the goals for 2018 so let’s hope for the best.

Happy 2018 to us all!!! ❤

10 – Dreamcatcher – Sleep-Walking

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Album: Prequel

In the group’s best track this year, Dreamcatcher sets itself, even in it’s debut year, as one of the most interesting, multifaceted and amazing k-pop groups with no truism. It’s just amazing how outstanding they are to me and how much I think they can still innovate inside their concept. “Fly High” was a great single but more than that, “Prequel” gave us such a consistency on various forms that I decided not include it on this list, instead giving space for this phenomenal Drum n’ Bass effort the group released, Sleepwalking. There’s no words to describe how addicted I got to this track. It’s nervous, magnetic and remarkable from beginning to end. A true dark BANGER.

– • –

9 – Red Velvet – Body Talk

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Album: Rookie

This year was a year full of Red Velvet releases, with three singles, two mini albums and one full, earning the dreamed domestic recognition the fandom always wanted. But what went unnoticed in all this amazing moment was the second best b-side that k-pop released this year. Body Talk in terms of pop music reaches me in every way it should. It is emotional, capable of thrilling crowds, well-produced, beautiful and extremely addictive. Simply amazing.

– • –

8 – Satelite Young – Dividual Heart

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Album: Satellite Young

In a year filled with music reminiscent from pop acts of the ’80s, Dividual Heart is by far the best, most faithful and most contemporary of all. It’s lyrics speaks of the ephemerality of the relationships we create in this predominantly online world while it’s sound content and imagery sparkle under the neon glow of the most reproduced decade of world music. And the result is incredible.

– • –

7 – EXID – DDD

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Album: Full Moon

Already in the second to last month of the year, EXID made it’s comeback and showed what they’re all about. As similar in terms of structure as DDD can be to the group’s greatest successes, the song resurfaces as a reinvention of the group itself, reproducing nothing obvious new but extremely well executed. The balance of their music is not found in any other female k-pop group and it is perhaps because of it’s small formation (for k-pop standards) but perhaps it’s because of the excellence on their pop productions thought. But back to DDD, the replay factor here is i-n-s-a-n-e! The disco, the sexy, the irony, the lights, the charisma. It’s all in there. And this mix could not be better.

– • –

6 – Wednesday Campanella – Ikkyu-San

Previous Entry: 2013 – #22
Album: Superman

Superman definitely was one of my favorite albums of 2017, full of true electronic feel-good jams. But the best original definitely was the fantastic Ikkyu-San. The MV display what looks like the party of the century orchestrated by KOM_I’s sweet vocal interpretation, forming this mystical aura around it. The warmth that Wednesday Campanella can display on electronic music through some of their songs while being noisey and experimental on others it’s absolutely enchanting. ♡

– • –

5 – IU – Jam Jam

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Album: Palette

The second emotion IU’s gave to me this year was in the form of Jam Jam: complete joy. The song displays the artist taking all the right choices that she could possibly have. IU’s unpretentious, stripped and irreverent side is one of the best facets from solo k-pop singers I’ve ever saw. A little masterpiece that firms IU whenever she chooses to be. She can have it. Jam Jam will stick to you as long as you aloud but I already warn you: it might be for a long time.

– • –

4  – Utada Hikaru – Forevermore

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Album: Forevermore – Single

In the best ballad of j-pop n 2017, Utada shows us, as usual, how her vocals perfectly adequate to emotional songs, like Forevermore. The narrative capacity that her voice has is resounding and worthy of it’s recognition in the music scenario. The simplicity of her interpretation in junction with the brilliancy of Chris Dave’s drums and the compelling violins make Forevermore a mark in the soul. Sonic, honest and visceral.

– • –

3 – Kim Lip (from LOONA) – Eclipse

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Album: Kim Lip – Single

In May, the project that started back in November 16′ was going relatively well but predictable. Until Eclipse. It’s undeniable the power the song had on this project. If felt nothing less that a breath of fresh air not only for LOONA but also for K-pop; a truly groundbreaking moment from 17’s Asian Pop. The way it reinvigorated the genre was incredible, not only in a more mature concept but in the use of R&B in k-pop. Visually, Kim Lip’s impact and the possibilities that only kept opening up in the next months not only renewed the general fate on the project but the anticipation for it completely. A hymn.

– • –

2 – DAY6 – I Wait

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Album: Every DAY6 January

To think about Day6 right now is hard, man. The disparity that took over the project they started in January is hard to take in. After the first month, the releases started to slightly decay in quality until I’ve lost complete interest by the end of the year (somehow regaining it in September but not with the same intensity at this point), for which reason I assume most of you must be surprised by it’s spot on here. Well, gladly, even that couldn’t take away the hypnotizing energy that this masterpiece has on me. I Wait is the group’s best and most emotional single, and even song, so far. It’s synths, vocals, guitars, all contribute to a song that it might sound very simple in it’s nature but in depth, it shows vulnerability and heart. Oh, so much heart. So memorable and so good, it’s almost mystical. Now, I only hope the group can recover quickly and go back to stuff like this and their previous discography ASAP.

– • –

1 – MONDO GROSSO – Labyrinth feat. Hikari Mitsushima

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Album: Reborn Again and Always Starting New

There was nothing this year in Asian Pop that could beat the visual, sound and spacial experience that was Labyrinth. It’s incomparable simplicity fills you up the moment the rooftops of the melancholic Hong Kong landscape begin to emerge. Mondo Grosso’s finest production is elevated by the absolutely magnetic performance of Hikari Mitsushima, wandering through the narrow alleys of the streets and passages, framing her movements in this urban scenario. So raw and poetic, it’s art. In Labyrinth, Hikari’s angelical vocals and occupation of the spaces are nothing but art, that came in the most unexpected and breathtaking way I could ever imagined.

– • –


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